Our History

Years of Operation
My father and grandfather, Ron and Lloyd McRae, always adopted the latest farming technologies. From the 1940s through the 1990s, they were often first to implement new strategies in land, crop and herd management.

Soil Management

No Till, Cover Crops
My goal, by leaving the soil untilled and establishing cover crops in the fall, is no longer simply to protect the soil from the erosive energy of wind and water but also to preserve this plant material which feeds an ever-expanding soil food web of fungi, bacteria, viruses, algae, protozoa, amoebae, nematodes, mites, worms, maggots, mice, and so on.

Crop Production

Improving Productivity
Our acreage hasn’t changed much over the years, since we don’t rent land, but instead focus our efforts on improving the productivity of our owned acreage.